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    Loose Figures & Millennium Falcon

    If I had seen this before I would have had the Jawa, Yoda and Leia. Can you send me a pm with a couple more pics of the lovely lady and her blaster?
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    Loose Figures & Millennium Falcon

    Is Leia Hoth still available?
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Wish I did have a shop. Problem is I would be my biggest customer lol. I wouldn't sell to anyone else lol I always wanted to open a vintage Star Wars Museum. Better than a shop. Get to share it with everyone but never part with it lol
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    Current prices ....

    Would love a nice condition Palitoy Death Star. Won't be mint sealed like that one but be nice to have a decent box for display and a complete and intact playset.
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Most of the ships have their instructions and marketing leaflets. I try to get them with the inserts too but harder to find sometimes. Picked up some nice figures lately too as I try to pit together a full set. Grabbed 2 Leia (white and bespin), both complete with original blasters and nice...
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    Latest Acquisitions

    No I purchased it from a seller on Ebay. It's his shop out in Belgium. It arrived last Friday and was waiting at home for me when I got back yesterday.
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Haha I bid against you on those. I didn't push as I was waiting on a Slave 1 but they were nice. Unused and nice solid boxes. Just a little fading on the cannon box. Fab! I won a Slave 1 which was listed as an ESB version complete with inserts etc. It had a pic of one with a ROTJ box. I tried...
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    Latest Acquisitions

    I recently started collecting again after a 20 year break. Here are a few of my purchases from this year......
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