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    Seriously thanks guys ! As for displaying them - not a clue as yet especially as these are very succeptable to fading so they may have to live in the drawer and get brought out (frequently!!) purely to enjoy looking at them (my precious!!) and to show others. Still need the Boba Fett wrapperr...
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    Gotta say a huge thank you to Welshwookie and DarthHamblin and UKS for some AWESOME assists this week ! Just goes to show, the community collecting spirit stil lives and the force is with them !
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    Why are we all tarnished so....

    Its a common feeling among other people for one reason and one reason only - The absolute terrible attitude some people on forums show towards people that are new , come asking advice , or ask a question that may have been asked a hundred times or more - but this is the first time THEY are...
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    RIP Dave Prowse

    Graham C told me that when he got this signed for me, Peter, who had been grumpy all day, stopped and held this and took a moment to himself, then said "Ahhh.... I miss Kenny". All gone now :(
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    Storage advice please ?

    STORAGE ADVICE PLEASE ? Been looking for these Lyons Maid wrappers for years. Now that I finally scored 2 I want to preserve them as best as possible and was wondering about the best storage solution. These are very thin paper, and the print is very likely to fade and to transfer, especially if...
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    Anyone else lost their collecting joy? Read this.

    I just took delivery of 2 of my holy grails and I am now as happy as a dog with three dicks! Never forget the childish nerdy pleasure of being a Star Wars collector ! PS -always looking for all things O/T Lyons Maid, masks, wrappers, adverts, etc. The SW ones are my grails but ESB is cool too...
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    Anyone seen PAT.PENDING stamped landspeeder with serial number?

    I only have one currently and it’s in my display - has stamped serial under bonnet and markings on bottom as in pics. Pretty sure I have a trashed chassis somewhere with the pat pending in bottom.
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    Some advice please?

    Thanks. Just need a backing card
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    Some advice please?

    Weren’t they re-released ? Did they mot do a modern one for the 40th anniversary along with the early bird kit?
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    Some advice please?

    Can anyone tell me exactly what markings there should be on the stand of the vintage mail away first 12 that rotates the figures. Needing to check this is vintage and not re-released as never had one in-hand. These are the photos the seller used. Thanks.
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    THX posters

    So my original THX poster finally got the frame it deserved. Anyone else got THX posters? Show me because they are so cool.
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    Whats your opinion of this ?

    Thanks for the input guys. Cheers for that heads up TheJabbaWookie mate - did not know this was the same guy that did the Leia repro's. I won't knowingly be buying anything from scum like him. That vintage studio looks cool though !
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    Whats your opinion of this ?

    I'm rabidly anti-repro, and the only piece in my collection that is such is the sabre for my pop up r2 - which is a place warmer for when I find a real one, and was only bought because it was the one figure that BUGGED me every time I looked at it. Now then, I stumbled over this on ebay, and...
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    Were you a "one toy line" kid?

    Star Wars was my world, still is Action Man was pretty popular with me as a young kid Loved playing pool and board games, then video games happened. Been in on that since day 1. Still have zx spectrum stuff and some PS 1 & 2, but that's going to be sold.
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    So are all collectors the same?

    With every person that forgets about collecting and goes for investing, the hobby dies a little. The stuff I hold dearest is the items that have a personal connection in some way - a cool in the wild find, or a special memory, an event or occasion attached to them - and more often that not...
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    Earliest Vintage SW Memories

    Being bought a Lyons Maid ice lolly and getting a C3po mask with it. I was 9 or 10 years old
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    More AFA Preferential Grading

    Point taken. I had taken the wink to be sarcastic. It's easy to misinterpret things when in print on a forum.
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    More AFA Preferential Grading

    It is interesting, and frustrating :? I have NEVER been able to get a photograph to upload to the site without problems. No matter what I try, when it uploads it comes over so big that it wont go on screen and you end up scrolling up , down, left, right just to see it. Tried everything I can...
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    More AFA Preferential Grading

    Fair enough, it's easy for things to be missunderstood when in print mate. Dummy firmly re-inserted :D
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    More AFA Preferential Grading

    Enjoy taking the piss out of the dyslexic, do we ? Or just out of the people that have bad carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve damage and find it hard to type sometimes because of it causing so many typos, and decide the pain is too much to bother correcting it? Ever heard of disability...
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